The gardens of Palermo

Palermo is not only made up of churches and theaters but also has beautiful gardens. Once I took my nephew to the Villa which is called the “English garden” and he said to me: “Aunt but, in this Villa we going to, do we have to speak in English? ” In short, humor never fails!

We were saying…

In addition to the English garden which also has a discreet space with rides, to support those who take holidays with children 😊.

You can see Villa Trabia where the boys of the PYC ( ) have created a small oasis where is possible to join events or drink fruit juice in serenity.

In Villa Giulia there were animals before like the eldest lion Ciccio, who died from a long time, but it was the beauty of the city. Bordering Villa Giulia there is the more beautiful green space of Palermo, namely the botanical garden. If you are passionate about nature I highly recommend it, in fact there are many and many species of flora that you will find and in particular if you come here in late March or late October you can participate to the Zagara festival where you can also savor fantastic lemons 😊 as well as the delicacies of the Sicilians.