The means of transport

As you all know in Palermo there is an underground city. Think that from the church of Santa Caterina to the 4 corners there is a door that led the cloistered nuns to go to listen to the mass at the Martorana church and so many paths including those of the Blessed Paoli.

Obviously not being able to build a subway, the inhabitants of the place have kept faith in the past and accompany tourists to see the city with carriages and horses, as squires sitting in a dream atmosphere you can admire the beauties narrated by the coachmen.

But beware today we have another bizarre transport, the apecross, or the old Lambretta that the farmers used to transport fruit and vegetables from the land to the markets (I know very well, my grandfather was a farmer and I loved to go around with the apecross !!) So what kind of tourist are you?

Apecross, horse or are you happy to walk with your neck high so as not to overlook the beauty of our balconies?

We are waiting for you and, after your visit, please tell us your experience 😊