The names of the streets and the ancient crafts

Palermo is bizarre, we know, did you know that the names of some streets are connected to ancient crafts?

What is the name of the street of the ancient candle makers? Street of the Candelai!

And the road in which they build the sedan-chair? Street of the flying chairs

The road of the tailors who use to make trousers? Alley of Calzonai

The road of the “pastafariani”? Macaronai descent

And to finish as Gaetano Basile says “Palermo is” we are the only city that has dedicated a road to fairies with square 7 fairies which is located in front of the church of Santa Chiara and the renowned place of cultural exchange Moltivolti ( Giuseppe Pitrè wrote that: “in this place appeared seven women from outside, one more beautiful than the other, who transported some individuals with them to distant places where it was possible to see strange and wonderful things …. Then at the first lights of the sunrise they used to bring back the person at home … “how wonderful, a city that still offers the opportunity to dream … Go there, try to close your eyes hoping that a beautiful woman from outside will take you far to see wonderful things ….

In the picture we have the workshop of drums handmade by Santo Vitale and Statues handmade by Sebastiano Renda.

Associazione cultuale La bottega delle percussioni.