To the Boucherie! Otherwise called Vucciria

Shouts of men from across the street, smells that blend together! A vortex of color and noise: the vucciria! from “vuciare”, screaming of people. Before it was the “boucherie” or the meat market, but today you can find everything.

Do you prefer a sandwich with panelle or a little of stigghiola roasted on the grill on the minute? A fry of fresh fish or for the more adventurous the spleen sandwich! Street food is the offer of the day… and night market!

The market change in the evening to become the center of Palermo’s nightlife. I’m sure every guest I don’t see in the morning has been to Vucciria, to the Taverna Azzurra.

That place always keeps you ten minutes longer to laugh and meet new people. On a common tuesday between a super cheap beer and a song sung together, you find yourself rigorously on the street in an immense group of friends.