VMC Basic Drum Circle Facilitator Training with H.Filippo Chiostri

The program, facilitated by Harshil Filippo Chiostri, first and unique italian VMC Certified Trainer of Arthur Hull’s method for Drum Circle Facilitation, is organised as it follows :

Basic Drum Circle Facilitator’s Training
Facilitator’s Challenge
Community Drum Circle, open to the community!


Basic Drum Circle Facilitator’s Training
Drum Call • Stop Cuts • Sculpting

20 hours of training for Facilitators from Friday to Sunday afternoon.

A weekend packed with information and hands on facilitation experiences.

Designed to give participants the confidence, tools and inspiration necessary to facilitate a drum circle or rhythm-based event for a variety of populations and group sizes and build their own rhythm community.

The program format will include group instruction and discussions combined with small group break-out exercises that reinforce the learning of the foundational facilitation elements presented.

Exercises are taught sequentially so as to become progressively more complex as the facilitators’ skills develop throughout the weekend. Participants experience multiple small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments, and improvisational rhythm games.

Participants of VMC Basic Facilitator Training will:
• Learn rhythm techniques, games and activities to motivate groups
• Develop the facilitation skills necessary to lead rhythm events
• Receive immediate feedback on skills learned
• Develop a critique-technique process for skills learning
• Explore personal facilitation techniques and styles
• Discover how to avoid the most common mistakes of the beginning facilitator
• Understand how to apply facilitation skills to diverse populations
Learning objectives will be achieved through skills development in:
• Percussion skills based on universal principals of drumming
• Experience with a variety of musical styles, forms and instruments
• Activities structured to teach facilitation using pitch dynamics, timbre
discrimination, tempo variations and orchestration techniques
• Improvisation using body-music, vocals & group activities
• Community Building Through Rhythm

Suggested video: “The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation”, fromwww.drumcircle.com website
Required Text: Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm by Arthur Hull

#Facilitator’s Challenge

The Facilitator’s Challenge is designed for VMC graduates who are actively using VMC’s technologies in their programs. The Challenge Course overlaps any 3-day or 6-day Playshop.

More time is given for individual attention, critiques, and skills building.

The Basic Facilitator’s Training/Playshop includes extensive opportunities to freely experiment during the exciting and challenging freeform “Jump-time!”.

This jump-time offers many hours of learning fun, practicing and exploring new skills in a supportive environment.

During the course of the Basic Facilitator’s Playshop the Challenge participants will be tasked to demonstrate specific techniques and mentor small group exercises and be critiqued as part of their learning process..

Networking with peer facilitators in this program will offer opportunities to learn new techniques and strategies as well as business development skills.

This is a chance to challenge yourself, practice new skills and be lovingly mentored by your teacher.

#DRUM CIRCLE on Sunday afternoon, open to the city


16:00-17:00 *1 Basic Intro / Orientation
17:00-20:00 *3 DCF Training
09:00-12:00 *3 DCF Training
12:00-13:30 *1.5 Lunch
13:30-17:00 *3.5 DCF Training
17:00-17:30 *0.5 Break
17:30-20:30 *3 DCF Training
21:45 Late Night
09:00-12:00 *3 DCF Training
12:00-13:30 *1.5 Lunch
13:30-16:00 *2 DCF Training / Prep for CommunityDC
16:00-17:00 *1 Closing Ceremony/ DC Setup
18:30 DRUM CIRCLE open to the city

The Basic Drum Circle Facilitator Training/Playshop is designed for Tutors, Educators, Musicians, Doctors, Music-therapists, Coach, Counselors, HR, Clown-therapists and any person who uses rhythm to bring wellness in a group.
The CHALLLENGE program is designed for graduate VMC Facilitators.

This experience gives one the opportunity to be part of a network consisting of facilitators, music-therapists, professionals and new people coming from all parts of the world to collaborate with.

– info@drumcircle.it
– Claudia Vitale +39 328 3172205 – Santo Vitale +39 3493212666

Early ticket: 300,00
Ticket: 350,00
School teacher early ticket: 200,00
School teacher ticket: 250,00
Challenge: 120,00

Ticket includes 20 hours of lessons, dinner and late night music on 7 July, drum circle on 8 July

How to buy the ticket:
with credit card: https://vmcbasicdrumcirclefacilitatortraining.eventbrite.it/
by bank:
Associazione Culturale Accademia La bottega delle percussioni – iban: IT82 Q076 0104 6000 0008 3120 097
bic/swift: BPPIITRRXXX

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use the promo code – vmc – online on www.acasadiamici.com

If you want to become a DCF but you can’t partecipate now in Palermo (6_8 July), than you can take part in November, in Tuscany, 16_18! Don’t miss the opportunity! The place is www.podereamarti.it