We don’t have tourists, only friends!

Hostel’s Diary

A Casa di Amici,

Check-in time

year 2021

yes,…there is still the pandemic

The interphone rings and a tinkling and energetic voice answers from the reception: “ A Casa di Amici!”. At the beginning you don’t know who will stand in front of you: a crazy musician, an old-timer globetrotter, a guy in smart working or a pilgrim leaving for Magna Via Francigena way.

In January of this new year, when the witch decided what color we will get among yellow, orange and red, a guy wrote us an email to stay with us for one month! We really like long-stays!And thanks to this request we have met Luigi! We really don’t know from where he comes from! Nomad electrical engineer, he is fond of photography and …of drinking in company! He always has come with us during the #esperienzedamanuale in wild nature and now, in his bag, bread, wine and salami can’t miss!:P Finally he has been here for three months, during which we got to know him: the naps until 14:00, his vegetables, the songs sang and danced at the gas stations on the road and the sustained training.

This is the meaning of travelling today, it means that our personal lives will inevitably intertwine with the ones of the people that will come to visit us or that will host us.

Certainly it will not be the holiday of a tourist, but an experience with a friend. See you soon Lui/Gigi! Palermo is waiting for you and for all the new friends that will come to visit us!