Workshop with the djembefolà Sana Camara

#Djembe and Drums Workshop di Djembe whit the djembefolà Sana Camara

Sana Camara is a talented and extraordinary djembe player from Conakry, Guinea.

He grew up in a family of traditional musicians (his father, Mamadou Camara Nylon founded the Ensemble Instrumentale de Guinee) and learned to play in Dixin and Matan areas, while being taught by the masters Yamoussa Camara and Mouctar Toure.

In Africa, Sana plays with Les Ballets Africains and is the soloist at the ballets Soleil d’Afrique and Sourakhata; furthermore, he belongs to the Babara Percussion Group and he has played with the band Toure Kounda Percussion.

Recently, Sana moved to Belgium where he playes with Babara Bangoura, while traveling the world to deliver workshops and masterclasses in countries like Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal and Italy.

#Info and Dates

Sunday November 26 from 15:30 to 18:30

Circle is offered at € 10.00 for adults, € 5.00 for children under 13


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Where we are:

La bottega delle percussioni – Cortile del Fosso – 7 – Palermo
In Via Lincoln, in front of the ” Orto Botanico ” ticket office there is a courtyard and there, at the bottom left beyond the gate you will find the school. Access is only a pedestrian walkway to Lincoln.