It was after a brainstorming about how to tell our island’s story to the travellers, that experience by ManuAle (by the book) was born. They are experiences seen through the eyes of Manu and Ale, the strength of A Casa di Amici Staff.

Who are Manu and Ale?

Manu is an environmental biologist and a naturalistic guide that one day has landed at A Casa di Amici for the interviews of the new staff organization. The difference I saw in her eyes compared to the others was the passion towards our story. She is also a middle-eastern dancer and a musician. When she spends her time inside the hostel she feels at home, when she is bored, she starts to play a sicilian tambourine. She is in synergy with the place that represent her.

Ale graduates in Languages and modern cultures and I assure you that she could speak forever. She is the veteran and the supporting soul of the hostel, with her charisma, love for the discovery, and the desire to live in close contact with “her tourists”.
All people that have met Ale remember her as the one who pushed them to visit the real Sicily. Trekking passionate, during her days off she is always hikes. If you stop at the bar, drinking a beer with her, you could realize I am not lying.

That is how Manu and Ale have given life to a new story to be told and to the hashtag #esperienzedamanuale.

Spring is coming and the desire to travel is increasing. What do you think about coming for an experience by ManuAle?
Clean air, walkings and good food to come back to breathe and fly. 😊

We are waiting for you.