active citizenship

We use music to involve communities, with demonstrations in the square where adults and children together become “musicians for a day” and integrate projects in schools to stimulate young people to take an active part in the life of society and experiment with new ways of living together.

Music in a circle is a symbol of vitality and integration!

Participants arrange themselves in a circle and with the help of a facilitator, create improvised rhythms using drums and percussion of all kinds. Playing percussion reduces stress, increases energy, improves concentration, stimulates the individual and oneself within the community, giving a strong sense of well-being, gratitude and belonging.

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intergenerational dialogue

A Sicilian workshop dedicated to pass on knowledge… knowledge that comes from the intangible heritage of our land that is so rich and of such fundamental importance in today´s society. It should be safeguarded as a precious asset and a legacy to be transmitted, as recommended by UNESCO, to the younger generations.

The artistic workshop “Tradition and rhythm” is typically a Sicilian experience, where we will provide participants with a semi-finished kit to build their own Sicilian tambourine.
Santo Vitale, will give a concert lesson and tell the story of the tambourine as well as introduce the basic rhythm of the tarantella. A workshop of dexterity and perception of rhythm with trust games and drum circles.

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environment and healthy lifestyles

A workshop dedicated to recycling. Can you have fun and save the environment to improve our world at the same time? Yes, you can! With the “Tutto Suona” workshop: we learn to recycle and give a second life to objects by stimulating creativity.

The artistic workshop “Everything Plays” is a fun, educational and creative experience that aims to give a “second life” to objects and make them musical. Favio Chavez, master of the orchestra of recycled instruments of Cateura in Paraguay says: “the world sends us garbage, we give it back as music”. Educating about recycling is the aim of the project, but the areas in which we will work are creativity, research by focus, practical sense, imagination, teamwork, curiosity and musicality.

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Outside the family, in the “class”, in the workplace, the street… These are the places where a person must be educated to overcome prejudice and to know what is different from themself. There is no discrimination by ethnicity, social class, gender, character, but instead we will start “all together” a 10-hour journey, where we will question ourselves to connect and create healthy relationships.

This workshop involves the use of music as a non-verbal language, that will be privileged in the ritual and in the learning processes. The aim of the course is not to pursue musical virtuosity, but to encourage personal evolution, the expansion of consciousness, coordination and communication, and the care for the gesture and movement that produce sound.
In ensemble music, the discovery of one’s own rhythm will be related to that of the other and, carried by the rhythm, we will coordinate as a single group, without barriers or fears or prejudices.

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The workshops are in collaboration with the Association of Social Promotions ” La Bottega delle Percussioni”-
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