The Jackology team has arrived at A casa di Amici!

Who are they?

Bob: Producer
Mick: Production assistant, Lights
Arne: Audio production
Evelyn: Public relations
Najel: Painter

What have they done?

They have revolutionized our lives! There was music everywhere, artists playing on the balconies, in the corridors, breakfasts prepared in the morning light, which filters through the plants, with the background of guitars and voices!

7 musical groups from African, Balkan and Greek music, unpublished texts in Flemish, jazz fusion and much more! We danced, we rejoiced all together!! The concerts were recorded live and filmed thanks to the extreme skill of the Jackology team. We therefore had the opportunity to witness live something that will now remain written and recorded over time.

Here is a comment from a guest…

“I expected it to be a cool place where I would stay for one night and leave afterward. But what happened, in reality, was BEYOND my imagination. They held a concert that night, which got to be the best music performance I have seen. Great vibes, guests dancing, and everyone having a perfect time! And the whole concert was for free. I also met incredible people there, including the hosts of the place. I would definitely reserve this place again if I go back to Palermo.”

But the musical experience we had was represented by Najel, a 16 m2 mural that represents the gulf of Palermo from above. The title of the work is “The key to Palermo is music”.

Now the hostel without them seems empty, but you just have to look at Najel’s work to hear their voices…
The gramophone plays, the flowers give off perfume, the teeming city of Palermo is reduced to simple blocks while the waves of the sea color and bathe the gulf of the city with their constant noise.
Jackology is still here at A Casa di Amici!

Soon we will show you their beauty…

Thank you